Fire Stikes Saltair Again

Dracula, Starring Bela Lugosi, is Released

The Star-Spangled Banner Becomes the United States National Anthem

Gambling is Legalized In Nevada

Al Capone Sentenced To 11 Years in Prison for Tax Evasion

Disaster struck Saltair once again when a fire broke out, causing over $100,000 in damage to the lakeshore resort. Further tragedy ensued when the lake waters receded from the resort, forcing the construction of a railway to carry swimmers between the resort and the lake.

With the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, America entered World War II. Many paying customers and vital employees of Saltair took up arms and went over seas to fight. With a landslide in business caused by the war and the rationing of fuel and other resources, Saltair closed its doors.

For 40 years, Saltair remained closed, except for occasional performances and special events. In 1962, key scenes from the cult horror film, Carnival of Souls, were shot at the former lakeside resort. Saltair was also featured on the cover of the Beach Boys album, Unsurpassed Masters, Vol. 19.

Finally, an arsen fire destroyed the facility, killing any further attempts to resurrect the resort in the 70’s.