Saltair Resurrected by Local Investors

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Walter Cronkite Signs Off for the Last Time From the CBS Evening News

The Space Shuttle Columbia Launches

Princess Dianna Marries Prince Charles

With a growing population in the Tooele and Salt Lake Valleys and with proximity to Interstate Highway 80, a fresh group of investors began construction of a new lakeside resort, known as Saltair III. Salvaged Air Force aircraft hanger parts were used to build the resort approximately a mile west of the original Saltair ruins.

But just as it seemed Saltair would rise again, the waters of the Salt Lake rose and flooded the facility just a few months after construction was completed. For several years, Saltair remained flooded. When the waters finally receded, new investors took up the charge to restore the facility, only to find that the Salt Lake waters continued to recede until the resort was left high and dry.

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